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Palmetto State Bullion

SGB - Too Big To Fail (Third in Series)

 South Gippsland Bullion: Series Of Dissent

“Greed Is … Too Big To Fail”
“Greed is good.” So says the infamous fictional character Gordon Gekko. If that is true, then some of the world’s biggest so-called free-market economies must be run by angels decked out in halos.
But independent thinkers know the truth: Corporate incompetence, theft and misuse of public funds is dressed up as capitalism, when, behind closed doors, greedy parasites design lucrative schemes to artificially control markets, stifle genuine competition—and make sure no-one but themselves and their cronies reap the benefit. All under the guise of ‘Too Big To Fail’.
Yeah, right.
As Gordon Gekko went on to say in ‘Money Never Sleeps’: “Someone reminded me I once said ‘Greed is good’. Now it seems it's legal.”
Canny Stackers can now own Issue #3 in the Series Of Dissent; a genuinely limited mintage, high-quality pure-999-bullion 1 oz Silver Round that no corporation will ever monopolize.
Issue #3, ‘Too Big To Fail’, depicts the Greedy, Insatiable Corporate Monster Building: ‘BIG’, devouring small business, screwing suppliers. Its mission? To feed itself and to make everyone else pay for the privilege.
The Smiling Pirate Assassin on the obverse tips his tricorn to the popular anarchic symbolism of Fawkes, the anonymous face of the SGB Buyers Club Members.

• Exclusive private mintage strictly limited
• ‘Collector’s Bullion’. Never to be reproduced: Dies destroyed after mint complete
• Mirror-finished, hand-polished ‘World Leader’, frosted ‘Pirate Head’
• Only available individually pre-packed in coin capsules. No tubes, no scratches.
• Manufactured in Australia to high-quality bullion standards
• Definitely no privys, no mis-strikes (will be destroyed), no ‘Panda Patina’
• Anti-banking; anti currency-debasement global appeal
• Professionally commissioned artwork by illustrator and cartoonist Mathew Johnston
Too Big To Fail is the third of four in the Series Of Dissent, featuring high-quality pure-999-silver 1oz bullion rounds issued in limited mintage by the South Gippsland Bullion Buyers Club. All Issued Rounds are Guaranteed Nasty and Anti-Government Meddling. If you want ‘cute coins’, this ain’t for you bro’. No furry, fluffy or feathered friends on these mothers. Ever. Stay tuned for forthcoming issues and get in quick to participate in these top-quality limited mintages.
Coming next: “The One Coin That Binds Them All”


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