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Palmetto State Bullion

SGB - Don’t Waste A Drop: Recycle It (Fourth in Series)

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 South Gippsland Bullion: Series Of Dissent

“Don't Waste a Drop: Recycle It”
--- A Polite Invitation From TPTB ---
The Government Of The Day would be pleased to assist you to recycle your used items.
Specifically: Unused taxation tolerances; tolls; duties and liabilities – in fact, if it’s currency, we will happily take it off your hands and put it to good use!
Finding it hard to squeeze any more money out?
Let our Friendly Big Corporation, Bank or Government Department help you with that: We can apply lethal maximum pressure with our special Extraction Clamps. Soon you will be Money-Free and 100% Recycled! Compliance mandatory!
--- Thank you for Your Attention! ---
Non-Compliant Stackers can now own Issue #4 in the Series Of Dissent; a genuinely limited mintage, high-quality pure-999-bullion 1 oz Silver Round that no Elite Powerbroker will be able to squeeze from your palm.
Series Of Dissent, Issue #4: Recycle
Coin Art
Issue #4, ‘Recycle’, shows how the Crushing Triumvirate of Government, Big Corporations and The Banks conspire to drink deeply from our wallets, defiling the real meaning of a 'free market economy'. They squeeze brutally to whittle away our wealth and Recycle their plunder amongst their own.
The Smiling Pirate Assassin on the obverse tips his tricorn to the popular anarchic symbolism of Fawkes, the anonymous face of the SGB Buyers Club Members.

• Exclusive private mintage strictly limited
• ‘Collector’s Bullion’. Never to be reproduced: Dies destroyed after mint complete
• Mirror-finished, hand-polished ‘Crushed Earth’, frosted ‘Pirate Head’
• Only available individually pre-packed in coin capsules. No tubes, no scratches.
• Manufactured in Australia to high-quality bullion standards
• Definitely no privys, no mis-strikes (will be destroyed), no ‘Panda Patina’
• Anti-banking; anti currency-debasement global appeal
• Professionally commissioned artwork by illustrator and cartoonist Mathew Johnston
Recycle is the fourth and final issue in the Series Of Dissent, featuring high-quality pure-999-silver 1oz bullion rounds issued in limited mintage by the South Gippsland Bullion Buyers Club.
All Issued Rounds are Guaranteed Nasty and Anti-Government Meddling. If you want ‘cute coins’, this ain’t for you bro’. No furry, fluffy or feathered friends on these mothers. Ever.
Stay tuned for forthcoming issues from the SGB Buyers Club and get in quick to participate in these top-quality limited mintages.


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