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Palmetto State Bullion

2015 Bald Eagle 2 oz .999 Medal Round Coin Medallion


We are proud to be an authorized reseller of this amazing round from the St Croix Valley Mint!
This one of a kind art round was minted by the Northwest Territorial Mint, the largest private, multiple award winning mint in the United States, est. 1981. in 2009 they took stewardship of the legendary Medallic Art Company, which was established in 1903.
Only the second medal to have been produced with physical claw marks in the obverse, the first was the werewolf art round produced by the Northwest Territorial Mint under authorization of  the St. Croix Valley Mint.
The bald eagle was chosen for their second medal because of the historical value and the recognizability  of its image, while at the same time introducing an eagle medal unlike any other. 
The obverse depicts an attacking powerful bird, with the iconic phrase E. PLURIBUS UNUM, defined as, OUT OF MANY-ONE, while the reverse shows the detailed, mesmerizing, almost calming image of the eagles back side. 
The splash minting process:
They started with an idea and a sketch, and the Northwest territorial mint took it from there. 
A  hand done versus computer generated sculpt, was created by Heidi Wastweet from the artwork of Steve Bloom and Latischa Franzmeier, and the  special deep-relief dies were produced. the splash minting process creates coins that are thicker and can achieve a much deeper quality of detail than normal coins. The process requires the use of special deep relief coining dies placed in a high tonnage hydraulic press. 
While striking a normal coin takes less than one thousand tons of pressure, splash minting, due to the high relief and exceptional detail needed, can use up to 1,500 tons of pressure to force the metal to “flow” correctly into the recesses of the die. This causes the excess metal to “splash” out sideways when the coin is struck and the excess metal is hand trimmed for a smooth edge. The resulting coin has an unmatched depth of feature and quality of design.
*Sculpted by Heidi Wastweet
*Certificate of Authenticity printed on acid free linen paper included.
*Eagle write up with illustrations printed on acid free linen paper included.
*Airtite container included.
*Limited mintage of 1776 rounds
*2 oz .999 SILVER Medal Round

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